Worst Case Ontario: 7 Guaranteed Steps to Becoming a Cool Photographer

It’s October now. Cool is in the air. Both literally and topically. Perhaps that’s why I found both of these internet treats around the same time. First this article on Slate. Then the youtube video below. Both are about and concerned with what “cool” means. They just express their discoveries in different ways. The article on Slate analyzes — with Slate’s typical faux-glib style — the probable origins of cool and how that word-symbol has changed over time. While the video — well the video — is hard to describe.

Although there are plenty of tips that will help you as a photographer, the video’s stuck in a weird space. It seems unsure of what it wants to be, of how it wants to be perceived. And I really like that. Ideally, I would love to have all media consumed in this way, ambiguously. Uncertain of what to feel or think, it is exhilarating to feel the tension of one’s sympathies crash, rumble, and twist. I enjoyed this video so much. It’s both funny and paralyzing; useful and trivial; and most importantly: effortlessly cool and unrepentantly uncool. Check out this cool photographer below.

Enjoy chilly kats!

Thanks Jimmy!

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