Operation Awesome: Swimming with the World’s Biggest Shark!

If you were asked to swim with a shark for a million dollars, would you do it? How about if it was your job? Imagine doing that for a living. What a life! No worries about inner-office bickering. Just adrenaline and photography. That’s what Tom Campbell from National Geographic does, day in, day out. Swimming with sharks to get a killer shot.

Not a bad life, working in the ocean. Who doesn’t love the ocean? It’s the opposite of a mountain, you know. Instead of bitter stone, a big hug of water. Now I understand why so many people adore National Geographic. There’s such risk to photographing wildlife. It’s kinda like the old wild west. Running and gunning, willy-nilly, for the joy of a perfect shot. Straight from the trigger to the screen. What could be wrong with that?

Here is a killer video of Tom Campbell where Tom swims with the world’s biggest shark for the love of that perfect shot!


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