World Press Photo Award Winner Speaks About His Photograph

One of the best images I’ve seen in a while was the World Press Photo Award winner for contemporary issues. It has all the qualities that I love: night photography, grain, and blue diffusive light. It really hits all my buttons. But what’s better than just appreciating a photo? Well besides buying a print, it’s learning about how it was made.

So because I think this photograph says so much about getting your story and image right, I’m going to share this video with you. Yes, it’s short and could go into more depth, but it does serve as a nice introduction into the mood, the approach, the reason why the photographer, John Stanmeyer, got the shot that he did (via greg). Think of it as a two-minute morale boost!


John Stanmeyer About A Photograph from thinkTank Photo on Vimeo.

Via PetaPixel.

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