Why Seeing Your World from the Edge is Better than Not Seeing It All

If you’re afraid of heights then you probably haven’t felt the rush that consumes up there. Up next to nothing, staring down the many floors, you’re completely aware of how every single part of your body functions. How intricate the system of nerves that control your footsteps are. How sharp your eyesight is, or conversely how blurry it is now. You notice your weight. You notice your breathing. That’s when height seems like an obstacle your body was meant to overcome, meant to trivialize. Go high enough and you can’t be afraid anymore, everything seems too small.

This video closely approximates how the thrill of upward feeling. In it, a group of “roofers” from Russia talk about and demonstrate this risky form of photography. You get to see how they do it, and how dangerous it can be. You get to see from their point of view how roofing actually works.

If you’re afraid of heights, this video’s probably not for you.

Check out the world from the edge of it! See the video below.

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