We Need Your Help Photography Lovers, says NASA

night time satellite images - Help Photography Lovers

Night Time Satellite Images by NASA

If you’ve ever had dreams of working with NASA, now’s your chance. Though I’ll be honest, you won’t get to go to space, or even have to leave your bedroom. All you have to do is help them sort through millions of satellite images of Earth. In doing so, you’ll make accessing their archives of rare satellites images much easier for other researchers and scientists.

Since the 1960s, they’ve been photographing night time satellite images and need help identifying what’s been found. The human eye is better adapted to sort through visual patterns and identifying cities from star light than current computer algorithms, they say.Through the Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth, you can help them categorize their archive in three ways:

Dark Skies — Look through the catalog and sort the images into city, star, or other objects.

Night Skies — Identify which city was captured from those currently sorted by cities.

Lost at Night — The hardest. You’ll have to identify cities taken with a 310-mile circumference.

Spread the word and enjoy yourself some great night time satellite images and satellite imagery!

Via CNN and FStoppers!

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