Ugly Photographs No More! Learn Some Nifty Photoshop Techniques


photoshop photo editing tutorial

Easy Photoshop Photo Editing Tutorial

Okay, so you go out shooting and come back with a sizable amount of good images, but you also have some really bad ones. Ones that don’t catch your eye at all. What do you do with those? Yes, you could just thrash them and never think about them again. But that’s a waste. Why not turn them into really great ones while at the same time practicing your editing skills?

Well, that’s what this photoshop photo editing tutorial is about. In it, you’ll learn how to enhance detail, spot-edit, and add lighting effects to make a dull image a better one. Still, the images you work on can’t be too hideous. You can’t save everything. And, as always,  it’s best to try to get everything right in-camera before you click. But, either way, this is a good video to help bring borderline images into the good.

Enjoy photoshop photo editing tutorial!

Via PetaPixel.

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