Want to Learn How to Shoot the Holy Grail of Timelapses?

Have you ever wished for a tutorial that teaches you how to shoot a timelapse of the day turning into night (or vice versa), then this video is for you. At an hour long, I can say without any hesitation that this video is comprehensive. But I guess the hour is necessary considering that you’re about to shoot the “holy grail” of timelapses.

In this video, Preston Kanak shows you three ways to shoot what he promises to be an easy timelapse: in aperture priority mode, through blending in post, and by bramping your ISO or exposures. And with each method he gives you several case studies to illustrate how each work best. Altogether, this is a neat tutorial taught in an easy to understand, straightforward way.

After the hour, you’ll be able to say you’ve conquered another aspect of photography!

How to Shoot Day to Night Time-lapses from Preston Kanak on Vimeo.

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