This Tiny Camera Will Automatically Record Every Waking Moment of Your Life

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Lifelogging Video Camera By Memoto

Wouldn’t it be cool to go back a few weeks (or even years) and find out exactly what you were doing?

A new device called the “Memoto” a lifelogging video camera will try to make that possible in the near future. The tiny camera allows you to record nearly every event in your life through photographs. Once it’s clipped onto your shirt (or worn as a necklace, etc), Memoto will take a 5 megapixel picture every 30 seconds. The camera also includes a GPS so that every picture will be tagged with geo-location information. By wearing it everyday, you’ll be able to record everything you do while you’re awake and relive it later at your convenience.

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Memoto has 8 gigabytes of flash memory storage, which is enough to keep track of 2 whole days worth of pictures. At launch Memoto will also debut an online storage service later that will automatically back-up your photos as long as you pay a subscription fee. The biggest bummer of the product is that the photos will not be available to you unless you keep paying their subscription fee.

I think it’s an awesome idea that could possibly make lifelogging a serious thing. Life has a lot of great memories, and even as photographers, we fail to capture all of them. Sure we’ll always have our cameras handy for weddings, birthdays, and bachelor parties, but (as the video below notes) sometimes life’s best moments are ones that we don’t even realize are moments until we look back at them.

If you’re interested in recording your life, then check out this Kickstarter page, where your donation will allow you to get a Memoto camera (a lifelogging video camera) when they start selling next year.

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