Superman Wearing a GoPro, This is What It Feels Like to Fly

I’m prone to exaggeration, so I’ll warn you that I’m about to exaggerate. So here it goes: this video is one of the few things in the world that has successfully taken my breath away. It’s up there with my first remembered birthday, my first great kiss, my road trip to see New York, and when I finally watched Grease beginning to end. Yes, it’s only a GoPro video found on youtube, but it’s also a visual marvel.

Because at the twenty second mark, you’ll sense where the future of filmmaking may go — if it hasn’t already. Consider that it was made using a drone, consider also that its budget wasn’t as big as anything Hollywood has, and you’ll realize that you have an almost never-before-felt way of imagining how it feels like to fly. Just ignore the rough-around-the-edges acting and you should have your breath taken away, too.


Via FStoppers.

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