Summertime Retouching Tutorial: How To Remove Tan Lines With Photoshop

photoshop skin color

Photoshop Skin Color and Get Tan Free Images

It’s summertime. Besides being the best time in the year for basking in as much light as possible, it’s also the worst season for skin damage. So what’s the worst sunburn you’ve had? Although I’m dark, probably darker than all my friends, I’ve had one of the worst sunburns in my life a couple years ago. Like any mistake in life, this one resulted from pride. I had imagined that, being as tough and invincible as my inner self had me believe, I’d never get sunburn. But floating down a river in the middle of Texas, with more than enough booze to kill three grown men, shirtless for three hours, I realized the sun will burn anyone.

Within two hours, my skin on my shoulders was redder than my inner lip. In four, I was disoriented and began slurring my words. That, of course, was the booze. But my skin was in pretty bad shape, too. The next day, I looked like a medium-rare steak: red, brown, and bloody. If you relate to this at all, then this video is for you. It’s a Photoshop tutorial about removing nasty, unwanted, summertime, tan lines. It’s easy to understand and, since it’s from Phlearn, you’ll be treated to wonderful and charming host who makes the lesson enjoyable to watch.

Photoshop skin color and Enjoy!

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