Street Photography Showcase: Leanne Staples and the Puddles of New York City

Leanne Staples

Let me start with a common paradox. I love New York City, but I’ve never been there. All my veneration is merely imagination. It’s like loving the physical voice of your favorite author without ever having talked with her. The way she writes becomes how you imagine her voice to sound out loud — you can practically hear her while you read alone in your room. That’s why I love street photography of NYC. Those photographs open my eyes to how the city exists to the people living there. Plus, it’s much better than just looking through Google Street View.  

But these images take a different perspective than most others. Yes, they still work with New York’s iconic brownstones and landmarks, but they reveal in a unique way. Instead of seeing the city as an large and imposing character that dominates the frame, they settle for detail. You’ll notice things that usually get ignored. And if you’re like me, then you’ll enjoy seeing things like this.

Leanne Staples image one Leanne Staples image two Leanne Staples image three Leanne Staples image four Leanne Staples image five Leanne Staples image six Leanne Staples image seven Leanne Staples image eight

Leanne Staples is New York City street/doc/cityscape photographer. She teaches photography online and has been shooting digital since 2006. Be sure to check out all of Leanne’s work on her website!

All images featured on property of Leanne Staples. They were used with permission.