This is What Everyone on the Street Thinks About Street Photographers (Hint: It Ain’t Pretty)

When most people think of street photographers, this is what they usually imagine. A pestering, in-your-face, devil of a stranger blasting photos of the most seemingly unimportant things. Perhaps that’s why some photographers shy away from the genre altogether. I mean who wants to be like the guy in the video.

But, thankfully, this video is a straight parody and not actual footage. And it’s really funny, especially the blow-hard rhapsodizing about the power of street photography at the beginning. Because we all know the ill and the gritty, the real and the honest, can only be sensationalized so much. (The video also reminded me of my own dramatics, reminded me of how my own written words can seem so unnecessarily stiff and bombastic! See there, even that word has an arrogance to it — as does this phrasing and parenthetical aside!)

There is no escape from street photography!

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