Blank Stares and Goofy Faces: An Art World Lesson for Street Photographers

I know some things about the art world. Well that’s lie — to be completely truthful — I have no idea what the art world is. It’s an alternate universe to me, where up means sideways and down means low but not depressively low. That being said, I do have some vague understandings of it. For instance, I do know that in the art world it is better to be completely mad than completely sincere. Also, I know that it’s fashionable to have a high-minded generosity toward plebeians like me when we try to express our crude yet intuitive opinions. I hate that.

But I love what’s taking place in this video. It’s a perfect example of participatory art. And should come as a great springboard for all you street photographers because it’s a great idea to try out — be forewarned though, I’m not sure of its practicality or its originality — but imagine what could take place! Install an interactive photo-station where you would surprise visitors by taking their photo, call it A.T.M beauty shots or something, and then offer them their photo (for an outlandish price of course). And deep down know you commenting on the surveillance state that is creeping up.

Just an idea!

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