“Something in the Eyes, A Life that’s Lived”: See One of the Best Street Photographers in Action

Bruce Gilden is one of best street photographers. I love that he cusses a whole bunch, doesn’t give a damn, and makes amazing work. Of course thinking about it for a bit, you get to wondering why he is the way he is. Why does he go on the streets the way he does? What drives him to go into full confrontation mode, though he says he doesn’t like confrontation? What does he look for?

Best Street Photographers

I think this short video gets to answering some of those questions, especially the last one. From watching it, you may easily say that he’s looking for story, for a look that means this person hasn’t lived looking mostly at themselves, or what’s immediately apparent, but has full-heartedly lived knowing that we’re all carrying some important truth, some hidden light, some note that needs to be heard. Put in a less trumpeted way, he’s drawn to sincerity. But I’m sure you’ll find your own inspiration in this video.

Enjoy tips from one of the Best Street Photographers!

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