Have You Ever Shot a Panorama on Top of a Skyscraper? This is How It Looks

If a headline on Huffington Post, or Cracked, or FStoppers, or PetaPixel, or Aeon, has anything remotely related to skyscrapers in it, I immediately, suddenly, and joyfully, click it. I love skyscrapers. Although I know that without us they’ll never last longer than a rusty car stuck in a junkyard, they still make my tiny hairs tingle.

And this video is one of my favorites so far. It’s a BTS look into how a panorama was made atop One World Trade Center, the tallest building in the United States. If you’re afraid heights, you should watch it more than anyone else. It’s a pain-free way to get over your fear, I would think. But if you love skyscrapers and shooting photography off them, then this video is golden.


Via PetaPixel.

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