“What’s The Last Photo On Your Phone?”: A Really Simple & Beautiful Photo Essay

I guess I’m on a heartwarming streak. Because this video — just like the last video I featured — is really inspiring. But unlike the previous, this one’s a little more down to earth. Or thinking of it in another way, this video is a little more realistic in its emotional range. I mean it only takes 10 seconds before you get into a talk about mushrooms, molly, and a massacred crab.

But that’s the beauty of this idea. If what we capture on our photos represents at least some fraction of our inner worlds, then the last photo could be like the first frame of a movie. Both frames are meant to invoke larger meanings of what’s to come, or in this case of the photo, what follows behind. And to share my own: It’s of me smiling with a toothpick lodged between my two front teeth. (I wish I could say something a bit more profound.) A photo essay that defines me and my life in just 1 photo

What’s the last photo on your phone?

“What’s The Last Photo On Your Phone?” from shwizle on Vimeo.

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