Sebastiao Salgado: A Silent Invasion In His Life, & How Photography Came To His Rescue?

A Silent Invasion of His Life: How Photography Saved Famed Photographer Sebastiao Salgado

Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado — author of the great Migrations — has a truly inspiring story. Born on a farm in Brazil, Salgado grew up raising cattle and subsisting off the land. After he left college with a Master’s Degree in Economics, he found a comfy job working for an investment bank. But something soon happened afterward: he found himself drawn to photography. That nearly killed him. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. and so was the case with Sebastio Salgado. He captured the pain and suffering while being in the genocide prone area of Rwanda. Showing the world what was exactly happening on field. You need to stand at the right place to capture the right still. He made sure that his captures were as authentic and depicted the grim reality as it was being witnessed by millions in the region.

You see Salgado was photographing the worse in us. For part of Migrations, he had found himself deep in Rwanda during its horrible genocide, photographing all the blood and terrible devastation. His body and mind almost gave out. This video is his telling of that story. It shows us how powerful photography can be and also inspires us to find the best in ourselves.

Good words from one of the best.