Portrait Tutorial: Photographing Fantasy Without Photoshop

portrait photography tutorial

Nobody makes portrait photography tutorial like the crew at Slanted Lens. Whether showing you the basic tools, or the most advanced set design, they always get down to whatever you need to know. So I decided to share short video they’ve recently made with you. I found it on Fstoppers, and I thought you might like it.

In it, you’ll learn some steps to creating a fantasy portrait. And, yes, I know fantasy means different things to different people, but the elements of fantasy are always the same. You’ll need to know how to shoot a concept that doesn’t betray its imagination, because if you want to exceed beyond the ordinary, you’ll have to imagine successfully. But like I said it’s short, so it shouldn’t take too much time to gain some nuggets of inspiration.

Enjoy portrait photography tutorial!

Via Fstoppers! And, of course, Slanted Lens!

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