Pope Francis's achievements

A Photo Essay about Pope Francis: TIME’s Person of Year 2013

Previously I wrote about TIME’s photographs of the year, now here’s TIME person of the year. They have chosen the head of the Catholic Church: Pope Francis & it’s Pope Francis’s achievements.

The Catholic Religion which has sprouted from the soils of Jerusalem has now found its way to every corner of the world. A “headquarter” of the religion has structured itself in a small city in the interiors of Rome, called the Vatican. The home of the Pope, this city is flocked with tourists Catholic and otherwise, all around the year. Pope Francis is the highest of the religious authorities.

The name and persona of a Pope are significant to every Religious Catholic, but Pope Francis among the other’s shines bright. Pope Francis with his warm-hearted, adaptable and sought after personality makes up for an inspirational figure to millions around. The Pope has made the religion more accessible to the masses attracting many followers to take up Christianity. Among many other Pope Francis’s achievements, the TIME magazine’s person of the year title holds clear importance.

If you haven’t kept up with the goings-on of the Catholic Church, then here’s a quick moment to understand why Pope Francis was picked as the face of 2013. Watch the video and follow the link to the photo essay.

Although this is merely a photography blog, I think their choice was warm-hearted. I’m intrigued by this surprisingly charming Pope.

Watch the video here via TIME.

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