Photoshop Tutorial: How to Give Yourself Realistic Looking Facial Hair

photoshop hair masking - Photoshop Tutorial

Photoshop Hair Masking Tutorials

There are few things existing in this world — and I am being completely honest — that truly matter. Only a handful of things. A good cup of coffee is one. A great conversation is another. An addiction to living — yes, this, too. But, among these things of things, there is only one thing that matters. One so special it will change your life. It is this Photoshop hair masking tutorial. It is the only thing that matters.

So whether you’re a no-haired half-man, a barely-scruffed teenager, a girlfriend who has always wondered, or a wife who needs to see before believing, this tutorial is for you. Press play below. And learn how to make facial hair with Photoshop. But — wait — before you do that. Make sure you download Phlearn’s custom brush for creating hair. Here’s a link. It’s free. It’ll make the whole process easier. I’m about load up a portrait and mess around myself. See you later.


Via the good people at Phlearn!

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