Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create Vintage Effects Using Textures

photoshop textures tutorial - Vintage Effects Using Textures

Photoshop Textures Tutorial

If you’ve never used textures in Photoshop before, then you’ll need to see this photoshop textures tutorial video. It’s a great introduction to using textures to create eye-catching effects. Specifically, you’ll learn how to create an authentic vintage effect that looks more than a pasted-on filter. And when you can achieve that, you know you’ve got yourself a great technique.

It’s taught by the mightily good looking, ever charming, and wholly enthusiastic Aaron Nace, and the team at Phlearn. I guarantee that you’ll smile at least once while watching it. I mean, how can you not appreciate Aaron’s likability? Anyway, back to the video, press play if you need to know more about textures and how to get them looking like right using adjustment layers and gradient maps.

Enjoy photoshop textures tutorial!


Via Phlearn!

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