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Portrait Studio Review – 1-Click Portrait Effects

Ever wondered if there was a way to get all your Photoshop effects in just a single click? That would be pretty nice because it would allow you to save yourself from trying out those expensive new Photoshop portrait effects and do hours of tinkering on your images. It would save you time and money. 

Well, what if we tell you that it’s all possible? Shocked … don’t be! 

We present you with the perfect solution that will allow you to have your efforts and keep your budget intact.

The solution to all your portrait problems is the Portrait Studio. This program allows you to work on one file and create 21 different portrait looks with just a single click. How’s that!

But is it the tool that you are looking for? We are going to find all about it in this following review, so keep reading.

desktop displaying a female portrait with caricature effects applied

Portrait Studio - Your Photoshop Savior

What Is this Portrait Studio?

Pencil Pixels presents Portrait Studio. This program allows you to create different portraits with your image open in Adobe Photoshop. 

The Portrait Studio runs only a single script and can generate more than 20 Photoshop portrait effects (21 to be precise) all in one go. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty impressive way to up the ante on your landscape and portrait game. 

You will only have to draw a loose area using the Lasso tool in your Photoshop and then select the script using your Photoshop menu. 

And voila, you will get 21 presets created by the Portrait Studio in your History pallet. From here, you can conveniently select whichever portrait you want to go with.

That’s as easy as you like, no! But what if I need to make some changes in those portraits, you might ask!

Well, you can do that by altering those layers of each of these Presets and creating endless possibilities to produce even more looks.

collage portraits with cartoon ps effect applied

But what if I’m new to Photoshop?

three-wheeler in Paris with caricature effect applied

New to Photoshop or using it for the first time? Don’t worry. This program is straightforward to operate. How? You will only have to draw loose areas using that Lasso Tool, and that’s it!

You can also use that Circle or Rectangle tool if you think you are no good with the Lasso tool. The Shape Outline tool can also be used for this purpose. And all you have to do is select the Portrait Studio file from that main menu in Photoshop.

So what can I achieve with it?

If you are always on the lookout to get your hands on those cutting-edge Photoshop portrait effects? That is entirely understandable because Photoshop does bring up new things to try out each year. And you can use them to create stunning images.

But working with all these tools is getting the better of you as well, no? Don’t you think it’s all getting a bit too overwhelming? If you said yes, then it’s time to put your money and time in the right place. 

The best effects are the ones that enable you to unleash your creativity into new dimensions. With the same old Photoshop portrait effects, you might not even know it with redundancy. 

The new Photoshop portrait effects don’t come cheap, and they are also tough to master at first. You really need to purchase them and then use your precious time to master them.

Not to mention some of these newer Photoshop portrait effects are not compatible with all your existing devices and software. 

male portrait with 3 different drawing style ps action applied

Some Amazing Features Of This Software

  • You can use the single-click effects as your Photoshop action and not a script. 
  • There are 21 different effects that you can save as a layered PSD file that is fully customizable. 
  • These Photoshop portrait effects are versatile and great for figure studies, landscapes, composite artwork, and portraits. 
  • These photoshop effects come with an extended commercial license for you to use for commercial and personal use without any limits. 
  • You can also export all 21 effects at once separately as JPEGs.
  • They also have two extra scripts that allow you to add frames and boost tonal values.
  • You will also have access to their informational and instructions files. 

Some Effects You Can Create With Portrait Studio

These are only some of the Photoshop portrait effects that you can produce using the Portrait Studio. You can create up to 21 effects in one click, as we have already mentioned many times. 

But it’s worth mentioning again and again because it will save you a lot of money and your effort and time.

man wearing a hat portrait with cartoon ps action applied

Final Thoughts

Portrait Studio works like magic. It’s so easy to use and will enable you to save a lot of the time and money that you have to put in when dealing with those image portraits on your Photoshop platform. 

You can generate over 20 different Photoshop portrait effects with just a single click and transform any image into art. So you can wave goodbye to those okay-ish visuals and indulge yourself in something more artistic without wasting much time. 

Whether you post your images on social media or create greeting cards, or are looking to deliver more diversified services, Pencil Pixels’ Portrait Studio is the tool you need to have in your arsenal.

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