Shoot What Makes You Happy

PhotoWhoa’s “Shoot What Makes You Happy” Photo Contest

Hey, photographers! We’re holding another photo competition 2015. The last one was too much fun. Over 1000 photographers entered. And you left us wishing we could have given away more prizes. But wishing isn’t doing. So we’re very pleased to announce that you have another chance to win.

We’re keeping the idea simple for this contest. You just have to shoot one thing that makes you happy. Yes, that’s all. Shoot what you love. No genres. Nothing’s off-topic. It can be something that always makes you happy or something that made you happy today.

Some ideas: photograph an old friend, a new one, your dog, your husband, your wife, your city, your night sky — whatever, however. Just has to be one thing that has made you happy. The entries may be any genre. You decide. (Keep it legal, though.)

As for me? This makes me happy. Everytime.

A glass of Sangria and talks about everything under the sun with my BFF’s

photo competition 2015 - Sangria

For now the prizes are a surprise, but we’ll announce them along with the jurors soon! Again, just shoot what makes you happy. The contest is now open and runs through Midnight PST, 5th May. The winner will be announced on 9th May. Selected photographers will be sent instructions to claim their prize.

Submit your entry for photo competition 2015 here

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