A Visual History Of Photography (From Printing Processes)

After interviewing fine art photographer James Weber I became very interested in the mechanics of his wet plate cameras. The photographs he made in this fashion were very unique and highly captivating. I wanted to know more about this process and its history.

Photography history has been rich and technologically ever-improving. The photography history has made sure that the current state of the industry allows us to perform unimaginable and exhilarating things we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do! Right from the 1st type of printing a photograph, the graph of technological advancements in this sector took a boom!

After contemplating the history, it’s time to dive into the real business.

So I researched a bit and found this video from George Eastman House. It is one video of a 6 part series about the history of photographic printing processes–from the Daguerreotype to the 20th century’s gelatin silver print. Each video is highly informative and not too long. And all of them cover how each process was invented and why they became popular.

And although this video of the collodion process is my favorite, all 6 videos are sure to make anyone just a little bit smarter about the history of photography.

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