How to keep your photography business going during the lockdown?

If you own a photography business, we are here to help you keep it alive during the lockdown. Follow these tips to gain fans and customers!

  • Current photography trends

The capacity to adapt to changing trends is probably the most important tip anyone could give you. Because when you are versatile and eager to upgrade and polish your style constantly, you keep your customers close.


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Indoor photography

If you want your photography business to flourish during the lockdown, you should learn to capture the beauty of the indoors. Discover new corners of your home and use light as the main guide. It’s amazing what photos you can take when you have sun rays entering a room. Light and shadow play is just an example of how your photography business could thrive while in lockdown.


Macro photography

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Learning to focus on the important thingswill help your photography business thrive. The fact that people are now confined in small places like apartment rooms made them turn their attention towards macro photography.

Bits of daily life are captured with utmost attention to detail. Coffee and tea steam or cigarette smoke shots get all the attention on Instagram. If you want to go a step further with macro photography, you can try to take photos of water droplets, for example. This type of photography is all about capturing the right moment.


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HDR photography

HDR is short for high dynamic range. This type of photography is eye-catching and a great way of showing professionalism. If you want to keep your photography business thieving while in lockdown, you should try it.

HDR photos are made by capturing more than one image of the same scene with different exposure values. Then, the images are combined into one final photo – a very vivid photo.



  • Marketing photography products & services

photography businessGrowing your photography business is also about gaining more and more knowledge. Use the time spent at home to study more about your niche or even extend to other photography niches. This does not necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot of money on courses and kits. There are all sorts of discounted websites out there, which you can access and enjoy great learning opportunities.

  • Social media & photography business

You know what type of photography is trending. You also got yourself some great tools and started shooting. That’s awesome, but keeping all those great shots on your laptop won’t bring you the clients you are dreaming of.

This is where Social Media comes into the picture. You have to let your work run wild on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram and wait for engagement. Some great social media web templates will help you create content that stands out, attracts customers, and gains popularity fast. Do not hesitate to create as many templates as possible.

photography businessThere are a lot of ways you can keep your photography business alive during the lockdown. Take great shots, learn new tricks, and go on Social Media!


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