A Million Dollars for the Photographer Who Can Capture the World’s Most Incredible Photo

$1 Million for the World’s most incredible photo

Incredible Photo - Shutterbug Social Photographer

If you think you can take the world’s most incredible photo, you can win a million dollars.

Yes, it’s for real. A MILLION dollars.

ShutterbugSocial is launching an online contest called “Shutterbug Millionaire,” where they will scour the world for the most impressive photographs (to be judged by world famous photographer, Russell James).

One talented photographer will win a million dollars, and overall the prizes will total over 1.5 million dollars. According to a

One talented photographer will win a million dollars, and overall the prizes will total over 1.5 million dollars. According to a press release, the contest will feature some reality-TV elements.

Specifics haven’t been released, and there’s not very much information on the contest site (like the judging criteria).

How do you even begin to judge which photo is the world’s most incredible? Russell James sure has his work cut out for him.

It should be incredibly interesting to see how this contest pans out. I bet we’ll get to see the work of some incredible professional photographers, but it would be really cool to see some unknown photographer burst onto the scene with a win.

It could even be you.

Any PhotoWhoa readers going to enter?

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