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It’s always Black Friday at PhotoWhoa because we bring you deals 365 days of the year. However, on this special day, we’re going to bring you even more savings.

This year, we’re giving out a $10 gift credit to anyone who visits us. There’s no catch. Everyone gets $10 to use on any product on our site.

Unfortunately we can’t just give out free money. This special will expire on Cyber Monday November 26th 2012 at 11:59 pm CST.

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Nick Saglimbeni Interview: Retouching Magazine Covers and Shooting Celebrities

photoshop skin smoothing - Nick Saglimbeni

Nick Saglimbeni is an amazing photographer, retoucher and photoshop skin smoothing expert from Los Angeles who has the privileged job of shooting with some of the most famous people in the world. Notably, he’s shot some of Kim Kardashian’s most iconic photographs. You can learn Nick’s secret retouching techniques in Mastering Retouching, his course on high-end retouching.

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James Digiorgio Interview: Demystifying the Mysterious World of Erotic Photography

erotic photography tips - James DigiorgioJames Digiorgio, also known as Jimmy D, is a photographer who specializes in erotic photography gives erotic photography tips and shares experience. He has written several books on the topic of glamour photography. You can pick up James Digiorgio’s e-books at PhotoWhoa. You can also check out his blog, Pretty Girl Shooter (NSFW).

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Michael Zelbel Interview: Shoot Amazing Glamour & Beauty Photography with Speedlights

classy boudoir photography - photo Michael Zelbel InterviewMichael Zelbel is a classy boudoir photography expert from Germany who specializes in glamour & beauty photography. In recent years, he’s become well known for publishing great lighting information on his blog, SmokingStrobes. I love the fact that Michael is so passionate about his craft and loves to share information so freely. Because of the hard work he puts into creating free content, he’s gathered a large following on the Internet.

Michael Zelbel has given us permission to share some freebies on PhotoWhoa. Get his Skin & Nylon e-book, beauty photography lighting videos, and movie poster template for FREE.

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Free Photoshop Skin Retouching Tutorials by Gry Garness

Free Photoshop skin retouching tutorials

Before we sold Gry Garness’s e-book on PhotoWhoa, I had already come across a few of her Photoshop skin retouching tutorials. After watching them, I knew that I had to learn from her.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Gry Garness, you should check out these free videos (after the jump). If you’re interested in learning retouching for fashion, beauty, or portrait photography, then Gry Garness is the woman to learn from. If you like the information in these free videos, then I highly recommend you pick up her e-book. For a limited time, it’s on PhotoWhoa for 40% off.

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Frank Doorhof Interview: How to Get Phenomenal Photos From Your Model Shoots

Glamour Photography Tips - Frank Doorhof Frank Doorhof is an internationally-renowned glamour, & fashion photographer. What I really love about Frank is how each of his photographs evoke a mood that is very uniquely “Frank.” In this interview you’ll learn the fastest way to improve your photography, how to get amazing emotions from your models, and many more glamour photography tips and tricks.

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perfectly clear featured plugin

The Perfectly Clear Plug-in by Athentech

perfectly clear lightroom - perfectly clear featured

Perfectly Clear Lightroom and Photoshop plugin by Athentech Imaging, autocorrects your photos. It first scans your photo, then uses a patented algorithm to decide what kind of adjustments need to be made. Noise will be removed, red-eye will be detected and obliterated, exposure will be adjusted, images will be sharpened, and white balance will be perfected. All of this happens instantly right after you open the plugin. There’s no need to make manual adjustments (unless you want to).

That sounds spectacular, but if you’re like me, you’re probably skeptical about any program that claims that it automatically fixes everything. You don’t shoot in “auto mode” with your DSLR, so why should you edit in “auto mode” in post-processing. Does the program actually deliver good results?

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Should You Be Using the Focus and Recompose Technique?

focus and recompose technique

Photos in this post by James Brandon. Author of Tack Sharp.

Focus and Recompose Technique 

To find focus with the center focus point, then re-orient the camera until the correct framing is achieved.

I must admit that I’m a photographer who has used the focus and recompose technique in the past, but after getting several out of focus shots during my photo shoots (especially at f/2.8 or faster), I decided to look into the topic further.

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