Zim Killgore Interview: Getting Creative With Your Shoots

creative photographs - Zim Kilgore

Zim Killgore is a photographer from California that has produced extremely creative photographs. Take a look at his portfolio and you’ll notice that every shot is unique and wow-inducing. PhotoWhoa recently had a chance to interview Zim about how he gets such amazing photos. Read our interview to learn from Zim and start taking more creative shots.

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Photographer Spotlight: Anders Lönnfeldt

Hear Anders Lönnfeldt on concert photography

Concert photography - Photographer Spotlight

Photographer spotlight highlights the work of photographers that we like. Contact us if you’d like to be considered for a future post.

Anders Lonnfeldt is a talented photographer and videographer who’s shot some really awesome bands like Swedish House Mafia, Rise Against, The Sounds, Keane, Nightwish, and September. Besides photography, Anders is also a rising cinematographer.

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Tyler Shields: How to Stand Out as a Photographer

famous modern photographers

Tyler Shields one of the famous modern photographers is an incredibly interesting person with some very interesting insights. He’s photographed numerous celebrities in very controversial ways. He’s photographed Heather Morris of Glee frame with a black eye. He’s photographed Lindsay Lohan with a man grabbing her breast. He’s photographed Mischa Barton eating a large steak. He’s received tens of thousands of death threats because of these photographs.

Why does he photograph in this controversial way? Learn more about his thought process in this eye-opening presentation. If you want to learn how to stand out as a photographer, you’ll love this talk from Luminance 2012.

How to Shoot on Location: A Lighting Tutorial from The Slanted Lens

photography lighting tips - How to Shoot on Location

Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens has created a cool BTS video of an on-location shoot with a beautiful model. I really enjoyed watching this video because of the unique concept and very interesting lighting setup. It’s fun to see how a professional commercial photographer thinks when he shoots on-location and learn photography lighting tips to get great results for a photo shoot.

(P.S. – Get Jay’s Mastering Studio Strobes video here at PhotoWhoa for a limited time.)

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Clint Davis Interview: Mastering the Art of Compositing

Clint Davis - Mastering the Art of Compositing

Clint Davis is a professional photographer and art director who shoots for magazines & commercials. Along with Nick Saglimbeni, he created Mastering Compositing, a set of videos to teach you how to take multiple images and combine them into one amazing image. You can get Mastering Compositing at PhotoWhoa for 50% off until December 30th.

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Thomas Leuthard Interview: Why You Should be a Street Photographer

candid portrait photography tips - Why You Should be a Street Photographer

Candid Portrait Photography Tips by Thomas Leuthard

Thomas Leuthard is a Swiss photographer who travels constantly in order to find the perfect moments. He primarily takes candid street photography in black & white. He gained popularity soon after releasing his 3 e-books on Street Photography, which have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. If you want to improve your photography, then definitely read this interview to find out how street photography can help you improve your skills.

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