Adam Marelli: How No One was Born a Photographer

Adam Marelli, a photographer, and artist shares, his insight on how visual design teaches a photographer how to evolve forward. He believes there are very few born artists. Most stumbled in search of that elusive form.

Adam Marelli


His remedy is common sense yet powerful: composition has a history of well-designed tricks, use them or break them, but don’t ignore them. Allow history to inspire your work.

This very informative lecture teaches these basics of composition/design and throughout its worthy hour and a half shares many easy to understand and visual examples to train you to see the visual patterns that create a fluid and moving photos.


A Free Guide to the Best and Worst Portrait Crops

Have you ever wished there was a trusty photography cropping guide? One without boring (longwinded) literature about the mathematics and was just dead-on.

Digital Camera World has released a print-friendly and clean infographic showing exactly where the best places to crop a picture.

These guidelines help you avoid those awkward positions that can make a perfectly lit or well-designed idea fall flat. The cheat-sheet is simple (green makes art, red makes crap) and best of all free.

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Glen Ryan’s Infra-Red Footage: Making Photography into Evocative Art

Glen Ryan’s newest exhibition Karst Country shows how rewarding pairing creative ideas with a masterful infrared photography can be to achieving great work.

infrared photography - Screenshot

The Infra-Red RED footage and resulting gallery prints are evocative, and in their haunting blacks and tumbling whites, they are damningly beautiful. He advances a simple idea: take the environment around you, let go of tired (old-school) concepts and risk new techniques to capture the ordinary.

Watch this video and try not jumping out and making some powerful art!

Here’s a link to his work: Karstcountry.

Josh Rossi Interview: Crazy, Stylized Photoshop Retouching Tips and Tricks

photoshop retouching tutorials - Josh Rossi

Josh Rossi is a photographer and retoucher who specializes in really stylized photos. He uses compositing and special FX to make his photos look incredibly unique. Over time he developed the Josh Rossi technique – a method of creating a “painted” look on photos.

Read our interview to get some retouching tips and tricks from Josh.

(PS. If you want to learn his retouching techniques in-depth, get his photoshop retouching tutorials on sale now at PhotoWhoa.)

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Joey Lawrence Interview: Hear out the 23-year-old Photo Prodigy

Joey Lawrence interview aitana_ford_models

Joey Lawrence is an inspiring young photographer from New York City. At only 23, he’s worked with more big-name clients than most photographers double his age. He is well known for photographing the first Twilight posters at the tender age of 18, but his resume boasts work for clients such as Coca-Cola, National Geographic, FX, Forbes, and the History Channel.

His personal work takes him to many cities around the world and into remote, exotic locations in Africa, India, and Latin America. His latest film project, People of the Delta, takes him back into the visually stunning Southern Ethiopia.

This Joey Lawrence interview discusses his latest film project and divulges some tips to help you take better photos.

Want to learn from Joey? Check out Lara Jade vs Joey L, his best-selling tutorial video that is on sale at PhotoWhoa.

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Zim Killgore Interview: Getting Creative With Your Shoots

creative photographs - Zim Kilgore

Zim Killgore is a photographer from California that has produced extremely creative photographs. Take a look at his portfolio and you’ll notice that every shot is unique and wow-inducing. PhotoWhoa recently had a chance to interview Zim about how he gets such amazing photos. Read our interview to learn from Zim and start taking more creative shots.

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Photographer Spotlight: Anders Lönnfeldt

Hear Anders Lönnfeldt on concert photography

Concert photography - Photographer Spotlight

Photographer spotlight highlights the work of photographers that we like. Contact us if you’d like to be considered for a future post.

Anders Lonnfeldt is a talented photographer and videographer who’s shot some really awesome bands like Swedish House Mafia, Rise Against, The Sounds, Keane, Nightwish, and September. Besides photography, Anders is also a rising cinematographer.

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Tyler Shields: How to Stand Out as a Photographer

famous modern photographers

Tyler Shields one of the famous modern photographers is an incredibly interesting person with some very interesting insights. He’s photographed numerous celebrities in very controversial ways. He’s photographed Heather Morris of Glee frame with a black eye. He’s photographed Lindsay Lohan with a man grabbing her breast. He’s photographed Mischa Barton eating a large steak. He’s received tens of thousands of death threats because of these photographs.

Why does he photograph in this controversial way? Learn more about his thought process in this eye-opening presentation. If you want to learn how to stand out as a photographer, you’ll love this talk from Luminance 2012.