Antonin Kratochvil: “Never Use Your Camera to Make Pictures… Use Yourself, Your Experience”

World Press Photo award winner and VII photo agency co-founder, photojournalist Antonin Kratochvil knows a thing or two about risking safety for a shot.

world press photo - Screenshot

He went the ruins of Chernobyl, recorded the horrors of Iraq, and even found the time to photograph the likes of George Clooney and Bono.

In this interview with Canon, he talks about why he shoots in Jpeg, why he insists that his students only shoot with one lens, and how a shallow depth of frame communicates more vividly than a deep focus.

This video allows us a small glimpse into his genius.

An Amazing Foot Shot from World’s Highest Rooftop

landscape photography techniques - tower

How does it look to be at the edge of the Burj Khalifa 820 meters up? National Geographic and landscape photographer Joe McNally, who’s known for his “Faces of Ground Zero” and work with Life, sharedhis landscape photography techniques & this foot shot on his Instagram yesterday to let everyone know.

He wasn’t even supposed to be up there. Normally, vistors are allowed only to the observation deck.

But instead standing inches from the 820 meter tall edge, he took this foot shot from the very top of the world’s tallest building. McNally pointed his camera downward and captured what is truly a dizzying shot, his feet extending from the top!

Faces of Ground Zero

Be sure to check out Joe McNally’s blog and Instagram.

Is Street Fashion Photography Making Monsters or Gods?

Garage Magazine released this short documentary about a week ago. Besides being a commentary about today’s newly democratic fashion photography opinion-makers, the short offers a brief history and overview of the fashion bloggers, street photographers, and of course models, making names for themselves.

street fashion photographer

This video is really great at showing how just because there are more voices and photographers blogging about the newest or most popular fashion or model, doesn’t mean that these voices are creating more peace. There’s just more space.

A good video for any aspiring street fashion photographer!

Michael Monaghan Interview: Beautiful Women in Beautiful Seattle

Lifestyle Photographer - Michael Monaghan

Seattle-based portrait/lifestyle photographer Mike Monaghan regrets nothing about going all in for photography. Instead, he is seeing his hard work and training pay off. Influenced by both national and local Seattle photographers, Mike’s work captures the beauty unique to Seattle.

He started fashion/portrait photography 4 years ago and has been expanding ever since. His work has been featured on FStoppers and has April 6th exhibition at Seattle’s Art/Not Terminal Gallery.

In this interview, Mike talks about how he approaches every photograph he takes, his post-processing workflow, and how being positive and genuine works no matter what.

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Sweet Dodging & Burning for Skin Tutorial

I’ve been looking for a good video tutorial for skin dodging and burning and came across this one by Jason Southern.

photoshop dodge and burn tutorial - Screenshot

I know a lot of beginning retouchers are confused as to how dodging and burning can be used to edit the skin, and this tutorial will show you some of what you can do when you master the art of D&B. What’s great about this tutorial especially is that it’s simple and easy to understand.

This photoshop dodge and burn tutorial mainly to show you how to remove a blemish using dodging and burning.

Be sure to check out Jason’s work on 500px.

Here’s another tutorial on dodging & burning by Elena Jasic. This one shows some different ways to use dodge & burn to enhance your model’s skin (rather than just remove blemishes). You’ll see how to enhance the highlights and shadows of your portrait to really make your subject pop (via Coddington).

Lee Jeffries Interview: How to Capture Hauntingly Beautiful Portraits

unique portrait photography - Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries’ work is making news. His haunting black & white portraits of homeless men, women, and children have been featured on Time‘s LightBox as well CNN‘s own unique portrait photography blog. This is not surprising.

His photos are powerfully intimate and, most importantly, respectful of the people and emotions behind his work.

In this interview, Lee talks about how he goes about photographing a stranger’s emotion, respecting the still photo’s artistic linage, unique portrait photography and how he got into street photography.

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Kristian Schmidt Interview: Swimming with Sharks and Capturing Beauty

Swimming with Sharks - Kristian Schmidt

Kristian Schmidt loves the wild, feels okay with a charging lion, and takes amazing wildlife/fashion photography. His highly popular Whale Shark Series captured a concept that has never been seen before — beautiful models swimming next to the world’s largest shark – and brought together a team focussed on raising awareness for the at-risk species.

Kristian’s work has been featured on Wired, Complex Magazine, and the Washington Post. He also contributes photos for WildAid.

In this interview, Kristian talks about Swimming with Sharks, was charged by a rhino, and how he came up with the unique Whale Shark Series.

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