Ten Photo Editing Plugins for Lightroom and Photoshop

Lightroom and Photoshop have revolutionized the photo editing world. With the ease of workflow and the ability to transform images into works of art at the click of a button, many have grasped the capabilities of the Adobe editing software programs and taken full advantage. Despite the capabilities that Photoshop and Lightroom possess, there is an easier way to edit photographs for newcomers and those that just want to streamline the editing process: photo editing plugins and

Despite the capabilities that Photoshop and Lightroom possess, there is an easier way to edit photographs for newcomers and those that just want to streamline the editing process: photo editing plugins and auto photo correction software.

This article aims to review ten different auto photo correction and photo editing plugins that can be used in either Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.


VSCO Film revolutionized the ability to turn your iPhone photos into gorgeous film like pictures at a push of a button. Along with the world famous app that was developed by VSCO they have published photo editing plugins that can be used in Lightroom along with Adobe Camera Raw. With eight different packages and film types priced at $59 each, one will be spending their entire paycheck to hope to edit their photos to look like they came out of their parent’s camera.

Image: Vasco Photo editing plugins


  • Most realistic film plugins on the market
  • Easy to use on Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw and iPhone
  • $15 off new Camera Profiles for VSCO Film with coupon VS0816


  • $472 for all of the plugins (eight packages)
  • Can achieve the same look as a VSCO filter for free

2. Athentech’s Perfectly Clear Plugins

Perfectly Clear Plugins 2.0 offer a revolutionary way to edit photographs in both Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Athentech’s new product boasts to “dramatically speed up your workflow with these powerful one-click plugins.”

The plugin looks at your photo and uses a system to calculate how to enhance the photo fully. This powerful algorithm that has been carefully developed makes editing photo super easy, and the same edits can be applied to a batch of photos which saves hours.

The workflow with Perfectly Clear Plugins is simple. After opening the photo in Lightroom or Photoshop, one will adjust any corrections manually. After the photo is adjusted manually, Athentech’s platform begins to enhance the photographs to a level many photographers have not achieved. With this plugin, you get 20 algorithm based one-click enhancements – 10 for corrections and 10 for beautification.

Perfectly Clear one-click exposure corrections

The ten one-click corrections that enhance your photos are:

1. Perfect exposure
2. Color vibrancy
3. Noise removal
4. Tint removal
5. Image sharpening
6. Increase depth
7. Light diffuser
8. Red eye remover
9. Real color technology
10. Dynamic range

The ten one-click corrections that beautify your photos are:

1. Perfect smooth
2. Blemish removal
3. Dark circle removal
4. Shine removal
5. Face slimming
6. Catch light
7. Eye enhance
8. Eye booster
9. Teeth whitening
10. Skin toner


  • 20 different one-click editing commands
  • Not only correct the photo aesthetics but also corrects person in photograph
  • All of these auto photo editing plugins are only $99!
  • Available in both Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Allows for you to adjust photograph manually before using the 20 one-click corrections

3. Sleeklens Complete Lightroom Collection

Sleeklens is another option for editing images in Lightroom. Sleeklens boasts “that whether you are editing Portraits, Landscapes, HDR or anything else – This Lightroom Collection has it all.”

The complete Lightroom photo editing plugins have 1,095 presets and 357 brushes for Lightroom. Along with this, Sleeklens offers numerous guides on how to edit the photos using their brushes and presets.


  • Numerous plugins (over 1,000)
  • Brushes for different needs


  • Hard to use (tutorials seem to be necessary to understand plugins and brushes)
  • Photographs do not seem to look any better
  • $610 for the entire package (most expensive photo-editing plugin package I could find)
  • Only able to use in Lightroom

Sleeklens photo editing plugin “Before and After”

4. Strike a Pose Workflow

Sleeklens also offers a smaller package called “Strike a Pose” that is aimed to develop the best portrait photographs through a Lightroom auto photo correction plugin. This package includes:

  • 69 portrait presets and 62 portrait brushes
  • Only compatible with Lightroom
  • Easy-to-follow guides
  • Recipe list and sample images for “inspiration”


  • Easy to use portrait presets
  • Recipe list that helps to develop photos to full potential
  • It costs $39


  • Only for portrait photographs
  • Can only be used in Lightroom

5. 100 Landscape Lightroom Preset

100 Premium Landscape Lightroom Presets advertises an ideal way to develop landscape photographs. With this auto photo correction platform, the company states that it will “help the professional and amateur photographer.”


  • 100 different presets for landscapes
  • Only $26


  • Only can really be used for landscapes
  • Published on creative live and not be a reputable company (lack of customer support)
  • Only compatible with Lightroom 4,5 and 6.

6. MCP Actions

MCP actions offers, editing tools for both Lightroom and Photoshop that are separated into different photography styles. The four editing tools that MCP actions offers are:

  • Inspiration Lightroom Presets
  • Baby Steps New Born Lightroom Presets
  • Enlighten Lightroom Presets
  • Inspire Photoshop Actions

All of these packages are priced individually although all except the Inspiration package are priced at $149.99.

The product describes states that it uses to auto photo correction in each of their plugins to develop photos through 99 set actions that include: lighting fixes, quick looks, mood rings, and custom looks that will polish the photographs.


  • Up to 100 different auto-photo correction actions in each package
  • Develops portrait photographs in both Lightroom and Photoshop


  • $149.99 for each of the four presets ($600 for all presets)
  • Aimed at portrait photographs and do not seem useful for landscape, cityscape, HDR or any other types of photography.

7. Totally Rad

Totally Rad offers auto-photo corrections for both Lightroom and Photoshop. The website describes the company as “a team of artists and engineers who make simple, fast and beautiful editing tools for creative photographers.”

Totally Rad offers two different photo editing plugins, five different presets and two different actions. Each are priced separately but the range of the software is between $39 for the cheapest presets to $149 for their most popular plugin called “Red Lab”


  • Different presets, plugins and actions
  • Can use in all versions of Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Interactive website with support and learning tools


  • Expensive if you want the whole package

8. Yellow Sky Actions

Yellow Sky Actions are auto photo correction actions that can be used on either Photoshop CS3-6 or as Lightroom presets.

The Yellow Sky states that it will “help anyone take pictures” and offers over 100 actions that help the photographer save time while making the photographs look much more beautiful.

Yellow Sky’s example photographs on their website pages tend to lean towards more of the portrait and wedding photography presets but could be used for landscape or cityscape photographs to create a moody photograph.


  • Actions that can be used in either Lightroom or Photoshop


  • Website seems not to be functional
  • Customer reviews stated that the customer service was unresponsive at times

9. Greater Than Gatsby

Greater Than Gatsby offers numerous photo editing plugins for Lightroom along with Photoshop auto photo correction actions. The aim of Greater Than Gatsby photo plugins and presets are more towards portrait, newborn and wedding photography.


  • 11 Photoshop actions and 6 different Lightroom presets packages to choose from.
  • State of the art actions and presets for portrait, newborn or wedding photography.
  • Online tutorials available
  • Can save 50% if you create your own bundle
  • Can try the actions or photo editing plugins free before purchasing the packages


  • Packages are $400 or more
  • Individual presets or actions range anywhere between $79-125
  • Actions and Plugins are only aimed at portrait, newborn or wedding photography

10. Delicious Presets

Delicious Presets are aimed to enhance the “storytellers” photographs and can be used in Lightroom and ACR.

The presets are broken down into three different packages but can be bought in a bundle for $120.

Delicious also offers auto photo correction to quicken the editing flow in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw with five different presets that focus on correcting colors, enhancing black and white, add subtle and analog tones, and vivid colors for those that want their photographs to pop.

Finally, Delicious offers a package that is aimed only at the workflow and can be used in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw. This package called “Delicious Recipes” goal is to provide step by step guidance along with information and tips that will help the editing process for those photographs that edit photographs in bulk.


  • Numerous different presets and correction along with a package that are aimed solely at creating an effective workflow for editing in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom
  • Bundles are highly discounted


  • Minimal reviews online about the packages
  • Aimed only at portrait and wedding photographers

There are hundreds of different auto photo correction software, and photo editing plugins in are the market. So how do you know which one is best for you?

This chart is aimed at comparing all of the different aspects of photo editing software’s that can be used with Lightroom or Photoshop.

Photo Editing Plugins Comparison Chart


LR or PS or Both?


Style of Photography

Athentech’s Perfectly Clear Plugins 2.0



Portrait, wedding, landscape, HDR, etc., (all photo mediums)

Delicious Presets



Portrait, wedding, landscape, etc. (all photo mediums)

Greater Than Gatsby



Portrait, wedding

MCP Actions



Portraits, newborns

Sleekens Complete Lightroom Collection



Portrait, wedding, landscape, etc. (all photo mediums)

Strike a Pose Workflow



Portrait, wedding,


Totally Rad



Portrait, wedding, landscape, etc. (all photo mediums)




Portrait, wedding, landscape, etc. (all photo mediums)

Yellow Sky Actions



Portrait, wedding, newborn

100 Landscape Lightroom Presets




**Price is for all of the services offered combined


With so many different types of photo editing plugins, it is difficult to choose which one is the most cost effective for the style of photography you use.

From the chart above one can narrow down the different price levels, photography styles and software (Lightroom, Photoshop or Both) that are available.

Despite the many different options the one true editing plugin and auto photo correction software that stand out is the Perfectly Clear Plugin. Looking at the different aspects of photography that this plugin can be used to edit from landscape to newborn and from fashion to fine art.

Athentech’s package develops photographs regardless of the type of pictures that the photographer takes. This package should appeal to the diverse photographer that shoots different types of photos or wants to experiment with different forms.

Along with the diversification that the perfectly clear plugins allow, it boasts state of the art algorithms. These algorithms aim to help the photographer edit the photo to its highest potential and also decrease the overall editing time. This streamlines the editing process.

With the low price and ability to edit all different styles of photographs, Athentech’s Perfectly Clear Plugins 2.0 is the clear choice for Lightroom and Photoshop photo editing plugins.


Dave Cross Interview: Understanding & Learning Photoshop Like a Photoshop Junkie

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Dave Cross, a Photoshop instructor based in Florida, would agree. Learning it takes a great deal of patience, but if you were to really stick it out, the rewards could be boundless. Since 1987, he has been teaching Adobe products to photographers and other creative professionals and has taught an easy-to-understand approach to the mastering it. He’s one of most prominent — and one of our favorite — educators around.

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While boudoir photography sessions are more popular than ever, a majority of women are nervous to share intimate moments with a complete stranger. So it becomes imperative to get a professional boudoir photographer if you’re planning a boudoir photo shoot. A good photographer will not only be able to help you understand how to pose for boudoir photos, he or she will also make it a point that you’re confident with the poses. You can go over the boudoir photo shoot ideas with your photographer as well as discuss what is it that you are comfortable with.

To lend a helping hand, we have compiled a list of the top 10 destinations for Boudoir Photography NYC

Along with contact information, we will also add reviews or tips from the photographers themselves. This compilation is the best of Boudoir Photography NYC and all of the following studios and photographers are highly rated and are very successful.

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Boudoir photography is huge right now. There are so many women out there, who aren’t necessarily models, looking for classy, sexy photos. Boudoir photographs make a woman feel beautiful. They make her feel sensual, and they can, if taken properly give her some newfound confidence. They also make the perfect gift for her partner, so, of course, she’s going to look and feel her best!

‘Boudoir’ is of French origin, meaning a woman’s bedroom or sitting room. So it won’t come as any surprise that most boudoir photography takes place in an intimate setting like a bedroom or hotel. Or if you don’t have access to this, your own boudoir setting within your photography studio.

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Romantic, sexy, soft, sensual, and sometimes even naughty…these are all characteristics of what makes a good boudoir picture. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the game for years or you’re just starting out as a boudoir photographer, you’re probably still on the look out for some hot boudoir photography tips.

When it comes to boudoir photography tips for the budding boudoir photographer, you’ve got to remember your primary goal – make your subject feel totally at ease while capturing them in the most flattering way possible. No woman wants to be left feeling vulnerable and unattractive.

We’ve compiled some of the best boudoir photography tips there are to help you get it right from the outset. You need to know your subject well (not too well obviously) and you need to find the right poses that compliment your client’s body type.

Regardless of what people might think, boudoir photographs aren’t sleazy. They’ve been around since the early 1900s and were a favorite amongst the aristocratic women of that time. So keep it classy and shoot your subjects well.

Here are some of the best boudoir photography tips for every boudoir photographer.

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For starters, it is important to get into why this is so. And an understanding of these reasons might actually help you de-construct male models photos poses.
It is no surprise that women and men are different from each other.

When they come to be photographed, they come in with different expectation, goals and images attached to them already. The trend of the day dictates that female portrait photoshoots usually revolve more around fashion and glamour. Hence, photographing them involves focusing more on their beauty, makeup, clothes and accessories.

This might not be the case with male portrait photography. Unless the photoshoot is for a fashion label, male portrait photoshoots rarely emphasize clothing, accessories or enhanced beauty.

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“The Gods,” a series of photographs made by the Scottish photographer Ivar Wigan, takes its title from a nickname given in Atlanta to those who survive street life long enough to look back, each now a veteran of a hard-fought life. Wigan spent over eight weeks researching, meeting, befriending, and, ultimately, photographing the people of Atlanta, staying late at its strip clubs, where dancers perform without stigma, and at parties that collapsed into the morning.

As an outsider far removed from the culture’s intricacies, there was a risk of projecting bias or ignorance. Wigan refrained from photographing until he was sure he had permission. “It’s not possible to make this kind of work without developing relationships,” he told me. “To make this kind of work the artist needs to be working from within the scene he is representing.”

Wigan spoke to us over email last month.


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As a fashion photographer, business owner, and teacher, Lindsay Adler photography has made a brand for herself in the world. And the clearest distillation of this brand might be her line of ebooks and videos that work through the mystery of creating good images by meeting it halfway. You can teach only so much about photography, and the part of deciding when to press the trigger may be ultimately unteachable. So, instead, her videos show new photographers what part does what and by how much — as, say, a dance instructor might impress upon you when to move your feet where, giving you some idea of what it’s like to feel your body moving on beat, but never truly giving you a way to feel what all the back and forth actually means.

While shooting, Adler is firm but positive. She believes in empathizing with the person photographed. Against a trigger-happy, aggressive approach that comforts the one doing the shooting with an ever greater amount of shots, she prepares beforehand and collaborates with her team on set to minimize a sitter’s time in front of a camera. It’s her brand of creativity, photography, and teaching that has won her financial success and critical notice. And it’s why we wanted to speak with Adler about her ideas on photography.

Adler spoke to us over email last week.

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In 2012, the last time Frank Doorhof spoke to us, he had recently joined Kelby Training as a workshop lecturer and was already gaining international recognition for his glamour, fashion, and commercial portrait photography. How have the previous four years treated him? Well, it turns out that he hasn’t lost any steam. He’s still making exciting work while gaining more and more fans every day.

For this interview, we wanted to revisit our first conversation with more personal questions. Instead of asking about technique, we wanted to ask about Doorhof’s journey into commercial portrait photography. We wanted to know more about him. We learned, for example, that Doorhof was bullied when he was young — “without a doubt, this forced me to improve myself constantly” — and that photography, in its way of putting you in front of others no matter how you feel, has given him a way to find his most open, friendly, and generous self.

We spoke with Doorhof over email last week.

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Parker Day Interview: Imagining the Glittering Beauty of the Outré

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Trying to tell somebody what you loved most of Parker Day’s model portrait photography after one look is like being asked which part of a landscape you noticed while riding a roller coaster. Windswept and twitchy, you’d probably pick what’s most obvious and readily brought back to mind. “I don’t know — the blue sky, I guess,” you’d probably say. This is also true with the Los Angeles photographer’s portraits. They are high energy. All the loud character, fluorescent greens, and candy-apple reds, captured in vibrant 35mm film, have a way of making every detail jump out in high speed until all that’s left to remember is color.

To be fully appreciated, each portrait should be seen slowly and with a careful eye. Not doing so may cause you to veer into a funhouse of interpretive strands, making the ride a little too bumpy. There’s a lot going on, and her portraits celebrate this particularity: they both relish the fine detail and also recognize a particularity individual to every person. Together, they’re a triumph of difference —even if they’re emboldened by color and persona. What better way to satirize heteronormative ideals than to offer a world of three-eyed waitresses, chocolate-eating mermaids, or disco-dancing mutants? Is it a bit campy? Sure, but it still makes you wonder who these characters are being compared to. Which imagined sameness are they supposedly transgressing? Give me more of this than anything normal and sane, I say.

I spoke to Parker Day about her model portrait photography work over email.

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