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Dan Hostettler Interviewed : Influential Nude Glamour Photography

Dan Hostettler is an entrepreneur, photographer, and writer from Switzerland. He graduated as a photographer from Bern’s Professional School for Fine Arts and Design in 1995. 

During the next 15 years, he established numerous successful enterprises specializing in electronic media and photography, including a platform to assist and mentor newbie Nude and Glamour photographers

Starting Out as a Commercial Studio Photographer

While today Dan is recognized as one of the most successful Nude photographer, he spent his first few years photo shooting in a commercial studio.

According to him advertising nudity had never been a possibility. This sort of photography was never commercially available in Switzerland. All internationally renowned Swiss photographers began and developed their careers outside of Switzerland.

As Dan stated in numerous interviews fashion photography appears to have a big impact him. Faces, forms, colors, and bodies that emerge in this photography technique seem to provide him with a greater inspiration than “the concept of fashion”.

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Discussing, lighting and light setup he was largely influenced by architectural and design photography, which employs extremely accurate light design, control, and direction, as well as the development of shapes, structures, and lines.

Exclusive Video Interview With Dan Hosttetler

How Was Dan Attracted to Nude Photography?

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Attracted to women of the world, nude photographer Dan Hostettler suggests that elegance, charisma, and attractiveness have nothing to do with nudity or a certain photography style in the first place.

It’s unmistakably all about women’s appeal. This begins with bright, lively eyes, a delighted (sometimes entranced) grin on the lips, and a gaze that seduces you irresistibly.

The matching figure, curves, and silkiness – these are the visual upgrades of a specific woman’s individual class and attractiveness. Mentoring his students, Dan emphasizes the importance of setting personal objectives. His one was to only work with models that he admire in terms of looks, style, and personality. 

While he recommends going through model websites when photo shooting in a foreign country he suggests your eyes wide open. Many self-proclaimed models break their promises and/or are “creepy” in real life. As a result, the ideal method to act and organize is to network with other models, photographers, and stylists.

How Was Dan Attracted to Nude Photography?

The most critical factor is having decent lenses. They don’t have to be prime lenses, and they don’t have to have a large open aperture, such as 1.2.

The body of the camera is up to you and your preferred brand. If at all feasible, get a full-frame model, and your camera must be capable of shooting in RAW format.

Investments in a successful photography pastime and for aspiring professionals should be made based on a well-established long-term system.

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In terms of lighting, if you want to start with strobe lighting, use your brand’s speed lights first. If you are looking to start in outdoor photography then you are best off investing in an affordable 5-in-1 disc reflector.

Promoting Nude Photography

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Today, Hosteller is probably the best-known nude photographer in the world. Discussing his rise in popularity, Dan said that he has significant challenges in advertising his work on social media platforms.

Apart from Instagram, Facebook, and its associates censoring any nude photos, large professional photography community sites such as Fstoppers, SLRLounge do as well. In 2013, he started his platform with the idea of advertising his work and making way for future Nude and Glamour photographers.

Dan is also one of the bestselling Nude/boudoir photography instructors on PhotoWhoa, you can check all his courses here.

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