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The Finest Top 10 Nude Art Posing Hacks That You Could Ever Think Of!

Nude art clearly has its unmistakable charm, incrementally accentuated by just the right poses! Read on to find out about the finest top 10 nude art posing hacks to take your nude art output to the next level.


There’s little else more pleasing to the human eye than to see a fellow being in their natural self, sans clothes. Yet, there are sceptics out there who have given a negative connotation to nudity.

Against that backdrop, the objective of this piece is to clearly showcase nudity as an art form whereby we look at 10 of the finest nude art posing hacks that you could ever think of.


The key to a great nude art photoshoot is always to plan and ideate well. Whom will you be shooting with, where will you shoot, etc. – right in the beginning, you must have clear and definite answers to such questions.

Remember that just like any other shoot, a nude art photoshoot that is planned and conceived appropriately in advance, always comes out the best.

A well-planned nude art photoshoot invariably comes off well. Image Pixabay.

Signing a Model

A successful nude art photoshoot requires that you appropriately sign a model for it. This especially involves being transparent about the fact that a nude photoshoot is being planned with the concerned model(s).


The first step to signing a model is to go through the selection process suitably. Being clear about the purpose of the shoot will make a big difference for this. Equally important is the target audience which the shoot is meant for.


There are clear and definitive legal formalities to be completed while undertaking a nude art photoshoot. Some callous photographers tend to ignore this vital step. Don’t make that mistake.


Your nude art photoshoot will not come out well if your model is uncomfortable. Therefore, you must ensure the comfort of your models, prior to commencing with the photo shoot.


In this section, we look at various nude art poses. These are essentially the posing hacks that we have referred to in the title of this piece.

Posing Hack #1 – Silhouette

During your nude art photo shoot, try to capture a silhouette of your model. This will create an element of mystique which viewers will especially find captivating.


A silhouette like nude art photo has an unmistakable appeal. Image courtesy Pixabay

Posing Hack #2 – Showing only a part of your model

It is definitely not essential for you to show your model in his or her entirety in every photo. Instead, you can choose to only show a certain part, which goes onto to add to the appeal of your pictures.


This is an example of a monochromatic shadow image that, despite showing nothing to identify the model, has a remarkable aura to it. Image courtesy- Pixabay

Posing Hack #3 – Focus on the face

An incredible nude art posing hack involves focusing on the face, even in case of an image where the model is clearly nude.

See the image below for a perspective.

The model is clearly nude in the above image, yet, except her face, everything else is blurred out. Image by infotheboudoirdivas-com.

Remember that nudes especially come out well where the model has his or her eyes set on the camera – onlookers get the feeling that the model is looking at them!

So, make sure to use this pose hack as frequently as possible.

Posing Hack #4 – Two’s company!

If you have more than one model on location, how about involving them together in your photos? If not in all your images, you can certainly consider doing so in at least some of them.

As we mentioned previously, a lot will depend on the purpose of your shoot.


Getting two models together, possibly involved with each other in some way – like in the image above, further adds to your photos’ appeal. Image by Dan Hecho.

Posing Hack #5 – Props

Your nudes are easily accentuated when you feature your models with props.

Again, as has already been emphasized above, a lot will depend on the purpose of your shoot. If, for instance, it is to push a brand or a product, models could feature the business logo or a particular product, if circumstances permit.


The clock in the above image could easily be replaced by a particular business logo or product. Image by inna mikitas on Pixabay

Posing Hack #6 – Partially Undressed

A nude art photoshoot doesn’t necessarily imply a fully nude model. In fact, sometimes, the sensual appeal of a partially nude individual is greater than one who has left nothing to the imagination!

For perspective, see the image below.


Despite being only partially naked, the model above has a distinct and intense sensual appeal. Image by Pixabay


Posing Hack #7 – It is not only about women!

Nude art is not always about naked women alone. Men can be just as alluring – if not more, in their nude form. See the image below for a perspective, despite the man being partially nude only – in line with our previous hack. Yes, be creative while suggesting poses!

Image by Lindsay Adler.

Posing Hack #8 – NEVER hesitate to use Overlays & Effects

Overlays & effects always have a vibrant impact on all kinds of photos. Nudes are no different; so, feel free to use them on the nude art you create.


The overlay used in the above image has further heightened its appeal. Image by PhotoWhoa.


Posing Hack #9 – Outdoor shoots

Nude art should not compel you to shoot indoors only. Remember that whenever circumstances permit, you can make full use of the outdoors.

Moreover, out in the open, you could experiment with poses and props to a possibly greater extent!

A unique outdoor nude pose in a lotus pond. Image by Dan Hostettler.

Posing Hack #10 – Full body poses against a dark backdrop

Nude art comes out very well in case of full body poses against a dark backdrop. Below we share a few examples that highlight this pose hack especially well.

Image courtesy Pixabay.


So, now you have great insight into nude art pose hacks.

But what about commercializing your efforts? How do you monetize the hard work that you have put in?

Below we share three simplistic tips.


Nude art photoshoots work out best where commercialization is pre-arranged. Let’s say a brand or individual that has contracted you for such a shoot, with payment terms clearly chalked out in advance.

Stock Photo Sites

As you can see above, the images we have used are from Pixabay where pictures are available – even for commercial use, without incurring any expense.

Alongside, there are other sites such as Shutterstock or iStock Photo where you can have your nude art available to the world, for a FEE & not for FREE.

nude photography category

Your Own Website

An excellent commercialization option is to have your own website where users can download your nude art photos for a fee.

The difference in the case of stock photos cited in the previous point is that you can set the payment terms here. This is especially relevant since you get ALL the money that customers pay; with stock photo sites, there is typically a revenue-sharing arrangement, where customer payouts are split with the sites.


This blog post must have provided you with a conundrum of perspectives on nude art photoshoots.

Anything that you would like to share; anything you feel we missed?

Feel free to share with us!

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