Nobody Will Punch You if You’re Smiling, Says Street Photographer Thomas Leuthard

street photography tips

If you want to keep your street-photographing experiences pleasant, you can’t forget to smile (or else just go out with a group), says well-known street photographer Thomas Leuthard. Now, of course, Leuthard isn’t saying you’ll avoid all confrontations while shooting street photography simply by smiling, but most bad encounters, Leuthard thinks, only happen because either the photographer or the person-being-photographed has dismissed positivity and adopted a bad attitude. He shares a few street photography tips to help you do a better street photo shoot.

What’s a bad attitude? And in shooting street photography, have you, perhaps unwittingly, just adopted one? I can’t answer either question in one paragraph, but I can tell you that the answer to them depends on your answer to another question: Do you believe your image is only yours to control? Some, like me, believe that one must always present one’s best face — for posterity’s sake! But, anyway, this video will help you understand street photography etiquette.

Enjoy street photography tips!


Via ISO 1200.

  • dclivejazz

    Some excellent shots with great expressions and gestures. Especially liked the last one of the wolfing down some fries. Since the photographer strutted right up to his subjects, and it was clear he was shooting them, why didn’t he thank them or engage in any other interaction?