New to Street Photography? 8 Things You Need to Learn

learn street photography - Street Photography

If every genre of photography has its stereotypical shooter, street photography’s stereotype might be one of the worse. Starting with Weegee, the street photographer’s image hasn’t improved much from the idea that only confrontational young dudes, or old grumpy grandpas like Bruce Gilden, practice it. But that’s cool. Street photography isn’t for everybody but you can still learn street photography basics easily.

Still, you’re new to it. And you’re afraid of starting shit. Don’t worry. Most street photographers I know and interviewed felt the same way. Some of them took a while to get comfortable photographing strangers. But what makes them successful is their persistence and their remarkable ability to shrug off all the stuff you’ll face. This video will introduce you to some things you should expect. It doesn’t cover everything. But it’s a good start. The main-point is to get you out there learn street photography.


Via ISO1200 and DigitalRev.

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