How Motorcycle Advertisements Will Look in the Future (Hint: They’re Still Beautiful)

MotoCorsa advertising

I can’t believe I haven’t posted about this until now. But this motorcycle advertising spoof is hilarious. If you haven’t heard about these photos till now, let me give you the basics. Motocorsa did a conventional photo shoot. You know the kind. Beautiful woman, beautiful bike. And boom. Selling like hotcakes — except they didn’t. Or if I’m clear from what I read, a prominent moto blog didn’t run the shoot. So what do you do?

You redo the shoot with men from the shop. Men who know how to grin and joke. Men who don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s great really. The guys over MotoCorsa seem like a wily, fun-loving, bunch! Perhaps in the future, when men become more in tuned with their inner model and women become a larger share of the motorcycle buying market, ads will look this. Maybe not. Time will tell.

Enjoy the set!

beautiful bike advertising
advertising conventional photo
advertising Motorcycle Advertisements Will Look in the Future
Motorcycle advertising Will Look
Motorcycle advertising Future
Via FStoppers via Asphalt Rubber

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