How Master Filmmaker Scorsese Tricked Your Eyes in the Wolf of Wall Street

You need to see the Wolf of Wall Street. It is essential. Scorsese has tricked our eyes to believe his world in the movie. To watch this film is to see the world the way a wall streeter — high on the sweetest of the sweet stuff  — sees the world. It is a experience you must have. Although after it, you’ll probably feel like washing your hands and hugging your nice family. You’ll probably want to remind yourself of your own good sense.

But that’s the film’s purpose. It’s made by a master filmmaker to force you to a place where observing your own actions feels necessary. That’s why I love watching BTS videos like this, ones that open the curtain a bit, show how films achieve their goals. In this one, you’ll see how much green screen fakery was used for the Wolf. Yeah, it’s a lot. But back to photography, take this video as an inspiration guide. With it, you’ll realize that creating unique sets from thin air is not totally bad —  if done as well as Scorsese’s people do.


The Wolf of Wall Street VFX Highlights from Brainstorm Digital on Vimeo.

Via FStoppers.

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