Mary-Ellen Matthews: BTS Video of SNL Celebrity Photoshoots

There’s nothing like making a fool of yourself. Nothing like being in front of somebody and feeling completed naked in your thinking. Sweat forms, trembles awake, and deep down inside you, there’s this howling. You lose touch of what’s around you. And I’ve been there so many times–accidentally, of course. No grand plan, no saving grace.

So when I imagine having to act a fool in front of millions of people–live. In front of dozen of cameras, I quickly think about something else. A good plate of homecooking. Summer. Hot water. Anything but what the people at Saturday Night Live have to do. Then I found this video and realized it’s a job just like anything else.

In it, SNL’s celebrity photographer Mary-Ellen Matthews talks about how she goes about taking the weekly photographs, how she came up with some of her ideas, and what it’s like working for SNL.

And deep down I’m glad that these words were written behind a computer and not spoken aloud, much less performed. Much respect to Mary-Ellen and the cast at SNL.

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