Looking to Buy a New Camera? Cameratico Will Help

camera comparison site - Buy a New Camera Cameratico

Cameratico is a sleek-looking camera comparison site that calls itself the “humanized camera recommendation engine.” Basically it will help you find your next camera.

Cameratico allows you to find a camera based on your real needs as a photographer. So instead of asking you how many megapixels you need, it asks you if you need to print very large images.

The site asks you to fill out a simple questionnaire to help you narrow down your next camera choice.

camera comparison site - Buy a Camera Cameratico1

The site is new so there’s not as many cameras listed as I would have liked. I would have liked to see used and older-model cameras were also included. Another problem is the inability to choose the brand of camera you want. My top recommendations are always Nikon cameras when I’ve already invested in Canon lenses.

All in all, it’s a sleek looking camera comparison site that should get better as they get more feedback. But if you need a simple site to help you get a DSLR, then Cameratico will definitely help.

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