Lois Greenfield: Shooting Literally Beyond Your Imagination and Creating Hyperreality

Fine art photographer Lois Greenfield has a lot to say about photography. And one thing I’ve never thought about is mentioned in this video. It goes like this: because the camera can slice time so thin, we have the ability to create instances of “hyperreality”. Of course, I’ve understood that the camera can create moments of surreality — but hyperreality. What exactly is hyperreality? A quick look to google and we find Umberto Eco. “An age of simulation” . . .

So what does it matter what she thinks? Or what does hyperreality have to do with me? Well, there are two things you can take away from this. The most important — to my lazy mind, at least — is that your ability to photograph moments of time that you wouldn’t otherwise see makes you more than you . . . (Photo)Whoa! Whoa . . . exactly. You have in your hands a device that can literally shoot beyond your imagination, that can see beyond your everyday existence, and that can act like every little kid’s fantasy toy.

You’re superhero, my friend. A superhero. (And there is no other point!)

Maine Media Workshops Interview – Photographer Lois Greenfield from Maine Media Workshops + College on Vimeo.

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