Lighting Tutorial: How to Build Your Own Monster LED Panel

diy led light panel - DIY LED Panel

Here is a DIY led light panel tutorial for everyone struggling to get good clicks. Saying light is important to photography is like saying the color is fundamental to painting. It’s obvious enough to be a joke. But what isn’t a joke is saving money. Unlike a painter, a photographer can bankrupt themselves buying equipment fundamental to their work. That’s why I needed to share this video with you. In it, you’ll learn how to build your very own super-bright LED panel for about $70.

Having the info to make a LED panel for $70 when normally it’d cost you $600 is great. But that’s not what makes this video a gem. Its beauty comes from its production value: the editing, the camera work, the After Effects. I watched it through to the end because it was such a pleasure to look at. Yet I haven’t even mentioned that the host is British. Yes, British. If somebody had a gun to my head and forced me to list my top DIY photography Youtube tutorials from one to five, I’d say this goes up there! (Maybe, #3 or #4.)

Anyway, enjoy DIY led light panel tutorial!


Via Petapixel.

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