Let’s Talk About Leica’s Newest M-System Commercial

outdoor wildlife photography - Leica camera held by Florian Wagner

Leica’s most recent commercial, co-presented by National Geographic, has taken outdoor wildlife photography to the next level. It’s dazzling. No, it’s numbing. Wait, no, it’s entertaining? I don’t know what I just watched, but for some reason I liked it. Camera tilts. Pans. SWOOSHES. And horses, all the pretty horses. If Michael Bay and Paul Revere were forced — for some unholy reason — to make a Leica commercial, this video would be the result.

And I know it’s supposed to be about Leica being the camera of choice for German photographer Florian Wagner: Wagner loves adventure and never comprises. Leica never comprises. Therefore, Wagner uses Leica for that. But this video goes beyond speaking about preference. I mean, go to the forty second mark and play till the forty-first. That cut. What’s that cut about? Now, go back and repeat it. What does that cut convey? It looks as if a horse just got tickled in the middle of a Leica commercial. Who is this video really for?

Anyway, it’s fun to watch it. Enjoy!

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