A Quiet Captivating Portrait of Landscape Photographer Ole Brodersen

Landscape Photography Portraits a road less taken a concept less explored! Will be elaborated in this master class.

Besides perfectly syncing up with Radiohead’s “Morning Mr Magpie”, this video is great. (Sidenote: I use the word great way too often. By now, it has lost its particular meaning, so let me get this dictionary real quick and find another word: wait, wait, it’s almost here, now — above average, spectacular.) It’s above average, spectacular  — in a great way.

It’s perfectly executed and aesthetically pleasing. Quiet. It reminds me of a Hemingway short story. Color, music, tone, and information all working together nicely. Functionally, it’s a BTS video about photographer Ole Brodersen’s light painting landscape photography, but if you take it as a quick look into Brodersen’s life, it becomes so much more.


Behind the scenes – “Trespassing” from Ole Brodersen on Vimeo.

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