Muscles Frozen for Millions: The Most Intimidating Photoshoot of All Time

Aside from two hilarious seconds (1:47 — 1:49), this video may qualify as the most intimidating photoshoot ever. Try to imagine one worst! Scoffing, some wildlife and extreme landscape photographers grin. They know of shoots far worse. For example:  (1) a shoot underwater with sharks or orcas (2) a shoot in Antarctica — freezing at edge of the world (3) atop the tallest skyscraper in the world.

But moving away from how intimidating these men are, let’s briefly talk about something else. If you were a fighter and had the body of a god, what would your inner thoughts be during these shoots? Your next workout or how cold your toes are; your protein intake or how you haven’t shaved in a while; your look or how long it took you to get this way? I’m sure they hate posing, I would hate it too. That’s a lesson in working with your clients.

Be nice and be quick!

GLORY 10 // Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot from Chris Tran on Vimeo.

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