If You’re a Street Photographer, You Need to See This Documentary Now

William Klein Photography

If you want to learn anything about street photography, fashion photography, or just photography in general, you need to watch this William Klein photography documentary. One of the pioneering street photographers and all-around badasses to ever come from New York City, Klein invented a space for grainy, in-your-face, un-photogenic experiment. He’s the o.g. — if you don’t know him yet — for all the vulgar and the raw, all the darkly beautiful sweet stuff. If the phrase “anti-photographer’s photographer” makes you swoon, then this is especially for you.

But I want to apologize for something before you click play — READ THIS FIRST — the subtitles are ugly, unnecessary, and unavoidable. They almost get in the way of any actual lessons you might learn. Several times during the video, I paused it and coughed, staring outside my window and wondering whether I’ll ever be able to withstand sh*t typeface. I know this annoyance is irrational and petty, but it still stung me enough to warrant a disclaimer. That said —

Please Enjoy!

Via American Suburb X.

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