If Bruce Gilden Critqued Your Photos, This Is What He Might Say

best street photography - Bruce Gilden Critqued

Nobody likes hearing their s*** stinks. No one. Not one single person. Anything you do you do with your entire ability. But imagine having your photographs critiqued in front of millions by one of the best street photography experts who’s known for speaking his mind. Well, Vice being Vice, they created a web series that does exactly that. It’s called, “Take or Leave It with Bruce Gilden”.

The video below is the inaugural video. You might not like it. In fact, I don’t agree with a lot of it. But if you know anything about the legendary street photographer, you know this video would have, besides Gilden’s full-hearted observations, a few cutting insults. Some were funny. But these critiques are unimportant. Vice knows what they are doing. The video is really about Bruce. And his eye. And his ideas of what’s beautiful. At times, the video seems to be making fun of him and his old man issues. I liked that more than anything. Give it watch. It’s pretty good.



Via Vice.

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