We’re Not So Different: A Video That Proves We Probably Take the Same Photos

The one photograph of a blurry concert. The one of a friend when she was younger. The picture of my now gone relative. These are photographs I share with the video and probably you. O the internet! Because of you, I am able to talk to a few strangers sitting in their room, re-watching the same video, and able to feel so alike everyone else.

The internet is a democratizing force, a swell of information that makes everyone capable of knowing everything at anytime. It is a liberating force and empowering, yes very empowering. But it’s also making us little tyrants. Cute little tyrants realizing our lands are so much alike. O look, she enjoys sad photos of shadows too! Look, he loves his friends like I do! Look, look, look!

View the video and see if don’t have any of these . . .

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