Tuesday Funny: A Juggling Iceland Timelapse

I can’t figure what I like best about this video. Is it the juggling? The creative use of a Go-Pro? Or the music? 1) The case for juggling is obvious: it’s a physical feat that not many can perform, because of that difficulty it’s merits are valid. 2) The merits of the Go-Pro are tied to the those of the first; so they are hand in hand, complementry, without the juggling this wouldn’t be creative. That’s why I think they dull each other out.

3) The music: great sounds never go unnoticed, think about that. If we use “great” as in the sense of large-scale, impressive, then the answer to the age-old question, If a tree falls in a forest and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a noise, is simple. Yes . . . if it’s loud enough, someone will hear it. So with that logic, I must go with the music.

Either way here’s the Tuesday Funny: a juggling Iceland timelapse, brought to you by that Juggler Guy.

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