How to Shoot on Location: A Lighting Tutorial from The Slanted Lens

photography lighting tips - How to Shoot on Location

Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens has created a cool BTS video of an on-location shoot with a beautiful model. I really enjoyed watching this video because of the unique concept and very interesting lighting setup. It’s fun to see how a professional commercial photographer thinks when he shoots on-location and learn photography lighting tips to get great results for a photo shoot.

(P.S. – Get Jay’s Mastering Studio Strobes video here at PhotoWhoa for a limited time.)

Jay teaches you step-by-step how to get ready for an on-location shoot. What should you bring? How should you prepare? How do you appear more professional in an on-location situation? Then you’ll get to see Jay’s workflow as he sets up his lights and gets his model ready.

The Slanted Lens is a Youtube channel and blog created by photographer Jay P. Morgan. Besides having many free tutorials on the website, they also sell a Mastering Studio Strobe Lighting video. You can get a discount on this video on PhotoWhoa for a limited time.

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