How Flash helps to Capture Sheer Terror in the Dark

flash photography tips - Capture Sheer Terror

“I’ll protect you honey!”

In the spirit of Halloween, we have to show you some pretty awesome and funny pictures of people getting scared sh*tless and flash photography tips.

These photos are from Nightmare Fear Factory, a haunted house attraction in Niagara Falls. These photos went viral after they posted pictures of people getting scared on the attraction’s Flickr page.

In one area of the house, they set up a Nikon D80 as well as several flashes. When a guest passes through, something extremely frightening pops out and the camera automatically triggers.

Apparently, the house is so scary that many grown men quit before they make it all the way through. Once a guest shouts “nightmare” they are escorted out of the house.

Check out these great photos.

flash photography tips - fearmini

flash photography tips - spirit of Halloween

flash photography tips - Nightmare Fear Factory

flash photography tips - Use Flash to Freeze the Action

flash photography tips - How to Capture Sheer Terror in the Dark

See more at their Flickr page.

Image credit: Nightmare Fear Factory

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