Want Something Better than Green Screen? Learn Front Screen Projection

Every photographer must learn at least one photography trick that doesn’t need Photoshop. Why? Well, let’s imagine why real quick. Place yourself sometime in the future. Let’s say, 15 or 20 years. Now, what do you see? A world filled with double rainbows, baby-eyed cats, and internets dominated by UpWorthy? No — if you do, you’re wrong. You should see a world nearing its end, at its final capacity for us and our need to pollute. You should see a world giving up and overcrowded.

In this dark world, electricity has been rationed and activities we see as every day — phone charging, Reddit reading, and Photoshopping — have been limited to luxuries taken in the briefest of moments. With Photoshop no more, wouldn’t you want to still be able to create cool effects? In the future, you won’t have Photoshop. So learn this cool technique of Green Screen photography from this video. It’s mighty impressive (just ignore the fact that, according to my own scenario, it would be impractical).

And let’s hope for the first world we imagined!

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